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Hi there! My name is Justin and I recently picked up the hobby of reading. It only took 30 years (crazy, right?), and since starting my journey of reading in November 2020, I’ve already finished 18 books. Starting this year, 2021, I wanted to challenge myself and set a goal of 100 books in oneContinue Reading

(7/100) Rage by Bob Woodward

I loved reading this, and recommend everyone to do the same. I must be transparent in the fact that writing about Donald Trump isn’t something I love to do, but find importance in for this book review. This is the first book by Bob Woodward I have read and I really enjoyed it. It isContinue Reading

(5/100) Homeland by Cory Doctorow

Book Two of the Little Brother series starts a few years after the first book. California’s economy has went bottom up. Because of this, Marcus’s dad has lost his job, and Marcus had to drop out of college. Most of the people in the area are either having to sell their homes, or are beingContinue Reading


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