2021 Book Challenge books

(5/100) Homeland by Cory Doctorow

Book Two of the Little Brother series starts a few years after the first book. California’s economy has went bottom up. Because of this, Marcus’s dad has lost his job, and Marcus had to drop out of college. Most of the people in the area are either having to sell their homes, or are being evicted in droves. But one thing that’s for certain, is that things are not looking good.

While Marcus and Ange are at Burning Man, Masha (from the first book) finds them and slips Marcus a USB thumb drive. She tells him that if he doesn’t see her there the following year, to be sure to make everything concealed on the USB drive public.

Once again, Cory Doctorow’s story and writing has  reminded me so much of Edward Snowden, Jillian Assange, and all of the things they went through publicly in the United States to inform us of the same kind of information. 

I suggest everyone read this book, as well as Little Brother. You will want to start taking into account just how much information Google/Facebook/etc. has access to knowing about you. It may even make you want to start protesting, and demanding change.

Look into privacy. Just because you have nothing to hide, doesn’t mean your privacy shouldn’t matter. One thing I’ve personally added to my life, is using the messaging app Signal (which a lot of you are probably familiar with). It’s a good first step in making sure that, at the very least, your text messages are not being read by anyone but the person you are choosing to send them to, with the ability to verify them. If you are interested in more things to be aware of, or to look into in regards to privacy and security, here are a few: encryption, Proton Mail, VPNs, & cryptocurrencies.

You don’t have to change your life to be aware of what personal information you are giving away to big tech companies.

Some links to get you into looking into privacy.
- Homeland by Cory Doctorow
- Signal
- Proton Mail
- r/Privacy on reddit.com
- Privacytools.io
- Freedom of the Press Foundation guides

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